Breathtaking Landscape Photos of the Rolling Hills of Tuscany

hills in italy

Although largely unknown, photographer Adnan Bubalo makes quite an introduction for himself with his breathtaking nature and landscape photos. With the morning fog blanketing the hills and the sun poised to illuminate the sky, Bubalo manages to capture some truly spectacular photographs of the storied hills of central Italy.

tuscany hills in central italy

His enchanting images of Tuscany in central Italy with its spectacular rolling hills and almost surreal imagery more than does justice to one of Italy’s top vacation destinations. Bubalo’s photographs of the place are distinctive because of the way he captures colors, layers, and light.

central italy hills

He magically captures the morning sunlight as it casts a kaleidoscope of colors and layers of hues on the rolling landscape. The beautiful pictures are so captivating that they almost cast a doubt on the medium Bubalo is using, with many images almost looking like impressionist paintings.

hills in tuscany

The Bosnian photographer attributes “weather” and “atmospheric conditions” as two “crucial” essentials to his photography, particularly in his series of ethereal landscapes of Tuscany. Bubalo’s preferred time to shoot is obviously right before sunrise, saying that dawn still brings the best backdrop, regardless of the season of the year.  In Tuscany however, he is quick to point out that achieving the right colors required a bit more precision when it comes to timing and location.

tuscany hills in italy

“I think I was very lucky because the weather conditions in Tuscany were phenomenal,” he observed.

A former military war photographer, Bubalo said he went to Tuscany for his own exhibition held in Rome dubbed “Landscapes and People” in 2012.  His desire to travel to Tuscany was triggered by the desktop wallpapers on his computer.


He was mesmerized, and had to see the real thing. Landscape photography combines his twin passions – nature and photography.

He tells,

“I often witness the magnificent sceneries that are not always possible to capture and display in the photography. The feeling of lightness that I experience especially when staying in the high hills, but also in all other places, is something that makes me truly happy.”

tuscany vineyards

See Bubalo’s surreal images of Tuscany along with his other remarkable works here.

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