Breathtaking Long Exposure Imagery of the Australian Outback

outback long exposure

Not too long ago, Mike Salway went on a trip to the Western Australia Kimberly Region of the Outback. Salway is an amateur Australian photographer who is into astronomy, and he posted some astonishing night sky images of his adventures in the area. Salway’s work effortlessly melds landscapes and nightscapes, flawlessly capturing the raw beauty of the Australian Outback.

mike salway

He produces vivid images using long exposure techniques, such as an astonishing photo of the Bungle Bungles. His images bring together the beauty of the night sky accompanied with a dramatic foreground. “I want to inspire and motivate people with my photography. I want to evoke emotion and to hear people say ‘Wow!’ when they look at my work” Salway says. He was also able to shoot a dramatic, panoramic view of the Milky Way as it arched over the formations.

australian outback

In yet another picture, a shooting star can be seen over Cape Leveque. “It’s better than just a picture of the sky alone, because it gives it a time and place – it puts the night sky in context and helps to show people what’s out there”, he recently said in an interview.

western australia


“Unfortunately our night sky is getting harder and harder to see because of light pollution, and people just don’t head outside and look up any more,” Salway lamented. “By heading out to dark skies and capturing these scenes, I can show people what they’re missing out on and hopefully inspire others to think about it more or to try it themselves.” If his intention is to lure you outside, then Salway does a pretty good job as each image he creates is enticing enough to want you to experience the great Outback in person.

long exposure light trails

long exposure light trails night photography

milky way long exposure

See his work here.

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