Breathtaking Long Exposure Images of the Night Sky

night sky

The Universe is an all-encompassing area of space, time and everything else that exists, as well as all stars, galaxies, planets, the contents of intergalactic space, the tiniest subatomic particles, and all matter in addition to energy. Analogous names used include the cosmos, the world, reality, as well as nature. It is a truly difficult concept to grasp, but photographer Giovanna Griffo does an exemplary job with her attempt to depict the infinite cosmos.

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Her stunning series of night sky photography called Across the Universe blends stupendous images of the night sky, viewed against vast panoramas on the ground. The technique that Giovanna used, focusing on the sky as well as the world that we know on the ground helps complement the galactic images, placing an all important perspective on the series. The universe after all, and its infinite nature has always been an idea that people have grappled with.

long exposure night photography

Just imagine, the possible diameter of the observable universe alone is around 93 billion light years.  A light year is a unit of length used to state astronomical distances. It is identical to just under 10 trillion kilometers. Scientific observation of the Universe has led to deductions of its previous stages.

night photography long exposure

These observations propose that the Universe has been ruled by the identical physical laws and constants all through most of its extent and history. The Big Bang theory is the current cosmological model that illustrates the early development of the Universe, which is thought to have begun 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago.

night sky

The universe is made up of 4.9 percent atomic matter, 26.6 percent dark matter and 68.5 percent dark energy.  Observations of supernovae have revealed that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating velocity. All pretty heavy stuff to ponder, which is why collections like Griffo’s Across the Universe lend us a more realistic view of it’s infinite nature.

night time sky photography

Griffo is a fine art photographer adept in post-production methods. She teaches post production in seminars in Italy. She is also the editor and founder of the photo community and she collaborates often with Editrice Progresso, one of the most popular photography editor magazines in Italy.

See most of her works here.

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