Breathtaking Northern Lights Display Over the Rocky Mountains

aurora borealis over rocky mountains

Richard Gottardo is a lens man with very varied interests. He documents weddings, is a storm chaser and  a landscape photographer as well. He originally was from Toronto, Canada but now lives in Calgary, Alberta. For his nuptials work, he uses his one-of-a-kind, artistic vision to capture the special moments of a wedding celebration. He has a style that is fresh, edgy and modern with a special leaning towards emotionally driven, if not sentimental images. His style has been described as relaxed and upbeat. If Richard is not busy shooting a wedding, you can find him indulging his other passions, either chasing storms or exploring the great outdoors. His photography has been showcased in various publications, advertisements and the web, throughout the United States and the U.K.

Recently, Richard spent a few months in the Rocky Mountains with the hopes of photographing the Northern Lights. As luck would have it, a brilliant aurora display happened very recently, giving fruition to Richard’s objective.

rocky mountains northern lights

“Time after time they prove to be incredibly difficult to forecast,” said Richard of the elusive lights. This was not the case though on April 13 and 14 when the skies generously obliged his plans. A huge burst of solar wind was over British Columbia. Richard would certainly not let this opportunity pass.

rocky mountains northern lights star trails

He drove five hours from his home to the mountains near Revelstoke, rented a snowmobile he could drive to a mountaintop, chose the best vantage point, and made camp for the night. There with camera, he patiently waited for the event to unfold.

rocky mountains aurora borealis

While the coronal mass ejection or CME was weaker than he had expected it to be, it still produced a gorgeous and dazzling display of the Northern Lights that made this adventure a success. Richards’s pursuit to capture an aurora borealis finally ends with a series of marvelous images. It is a collection of photos that look other worldly and magical with the sky’s colors. Unusual violets and greens paint the sky in strange but beautiful hues.

rocky mountains camping snow mobile

rocky mountains

Here is a time-lapse video of the Rocky Mountains also created by Gottardo:

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