Breathtaking Panoramas Capture the True Essence of Landscape Photography

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Landscape Photography is one of the most difficult and challenging subjects to be tackled by a lensman. To behold beautiful images of distant locations, breathtaking panoramas, coasts, valleys and mountain ranges is the true essence of landscape photography. Capturing these gorgeous vistas requires talent, patience, skill and the luxury of time. It also entails travelling to far-away continents, being away from home and family in the quest to find nature at its best.

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One such photographer is Alex Noriega. Noriega is a Minneapolis-based landscape photographer who in his latest collection captures marvelously stunning and vivid photos of Crater Lake, Mount Rainier in Washington in addition to Glacier National Park in Montana.

alex noriega landscape photo

We see dusk filled images with enchanting light, tracks and tracks of unending deserts, mountains and forest grasslands, and other scenery that do not seem to ever be static in creativity. Noriega is almost always unpredictably enjoyable with his photography, assembling an exciting portfolio.

alex noriega landscape photography

His Crater Lake images are awesome in their purity and untouched serenity. Crater Lake is the main attraction of Crater Lake National Park and is renowned for its deep blue hue and crystal clear waters, which Noriega more than does justice to with his stunning images.

landscape alex noriega

Other photographs are of Glacier National Park which is located in the state of Montana. It has an immense and untouched ecosystem, a region of protected land covering 16,000 square miles, some of which are featured in the series.

alex noriega landscape

Finally, Noriega also shoots majestically breathtaking images of Mount Rainier, an immense stratovolcano located in the state of Washington. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, as can be seen in the elegantly photographed images by Noriega in the collection.

See these wonderfully shot landscape vistas here, along with other remarkable works from Noriega.

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