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Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt is a relative newcomer to photography, having taken it up a mere six years ago in 2008. He has since been bitten by the photography bug, finding a passion for shooting the breathtaking Finnish landscapes. Lagerstedt has taken dozens of images in his surreal style of the spectacular geography he calls home. This latest body of work is a reprise of his much viewed Edge, which was an eerily lovely collection of photographs.

edge ii finland

Edge, alludes to the phrase ‘the edge of the world,’ which is the sense you come away with when seeing these pictures. Part two of that series shows a consistency to the style with more evocative images of the beautiful Finland topography. It consists of similar ethereal shots of the natural landscape. Amidst the wondrous imagery, there is a melancholic and lonely mood conveyed in Lagerstedt’s style.

finland edge landscape photo

Finland is one of the northernmost countries in the world. Among all the many capitals around the globe, Reykjavík is the only place that lies more to the north than Helsinki. Finland is a nation of countless islands and lakes. To cite some numbers, about 188,000 lakes in addition to 179,000 islands.

finland edge

The region with most lakes is Finnish Lakeland, while the most concentration of islands is found in the southwest in the Archipelago Sea. The beautifully haunting geography of Finland, as seen in Lagerstedt’s Edge is largely due to the Ice Age. Glaciers were thicker and stayed longer in Fennoscandia compared to the rest of Europe. The erosion of these glaciers left the Finnish landscape for the most part flat, with a small number of hills and even less mountains.

finland landscape

The receding glaciers left the land with a good share of morainic deposits in formations of eskers. These are ridges of stratified sand and gravel that can be found from northwest to southeast, or where the prehistoric edges of the glaciers once were.

edge finland

See a sampling of these unique geographic formations in Lagerstedt’s Edge here.

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