Bride Poses Solo in Wedding Photos While Military Husband is Away

bride holding makeshift groom props

Wedding photos have a reputation for being either drop dead gorgeous and spectacular, or an outright disappointment. Particularly high expectations set-off the lofty standards, for this most important of wedding mementos. A wedding photographer therefore is someone you choose carefully, and certainly not a person to be stingy with. So what happens when you have a first-rate wedding photographer shoot a professional bridal model, but for her own, actual nuptials?

Bridal model Claudia Nallely Agres tied the knot in 2001 with Air Force service member Matt in a civil wedding ceremony. As marriages to most servicemen go, the luxury of time is a rare commodity. Formal wedding photos had to wait to be taken as the groom was whisked off to Germany on a tour of duty for eight months. To rectify this, Claudia recently engaged the services of Ryan Brenizer, a New York City-based wedding photographer.

happy married couple

As luck would have it, Matt, now the husband of Claudia was unavailable once again to join the photo shoot. Claudia and Ryan went ahead with the pictorial anyway, improvising creatively to craft unique shots worthy of standing apart from the bridal model’s portfolio. Dressed in a vintage wedding dress, Claudia posed in a series of wedding photos, sans the groom. The idea seemed like a pretty reasonable concept, given that Claudia has literally dozens of wedding photos in traditional, if not typical wedding settings and scenarios. To create the unusual was the challenge to distinguish her own, actual, wedding from the manufactured ones from her dozens of commercial pictorials.

bride on bicycle

Ryan weighed in on the theme.

“How do you do an actual bridal shoot for a bridal model when she gets married? Yes, we could have taken all sorts of gorgeous, sensual portraits, but they would have been indistinguishable from the portraits she’d already taken with other photographers countless times, and wouldn’t feel like “hers.”

The results are these odd, surreal but inimitable wedding pictures.   While this playful images will do for now, Claudia intends to finally get her wedding shots with Matt done very soon, using a similar whimsical twist.

whimsical portrait

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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