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Deb Morris was born in Melbourne during the 1960’s and moved to Sydney with her family in the 1970’s, spending much of her adolescence on Bondi Beach, exposed to its active surfing culture. Part of her formation as a photographer can be attributed to her father who was into the hobby, often using Deb as his subject. She was just 14 when she first acquired a camera of her own, and Deb would shoot the various activities of the local surfing scene. This turned out to be a lifelong passion, and she would eventually carve a niche in this area.

micro wave photography

It was in June 2010 while at the beach once again taking surfing photos, when Deb started to shoot images of the shore breakers.  She was pleasantly surprise with the results and knew right away where she would henceforth focus her expertise.

micro wave  photo

Deb now sells her images to clients from all over the world, with many publications showcasing her works. She is also the recipient of many awards from international as well as national institutions. She recently spoke of how she pursues her chosen area of expertise, micro wave photography.

“There is a lot of similarity to surfing, conditions play a huge part in where I go to seek out micro waves, swell size, winds and weather are the first thing I check out each morning. Flexibility in movement to ensure I can bend, twist and turn when needed, getting deep into a micro sometimes requires some unusual moves! Capturing those moments we just do not see with the naked eye is what I aim for now thus creating my own style.

micro wave image

The old saying that your “first 10,000 photos are your worst” is pretty true, so after a lot of trial and error I have found the angles, beach breaks and conditions that give me the best results.”

Deb focuses on the delicate ripples caused by waves that are no higher than 3 to 30 cm, and she aptly calls these macro images ‘micro wave photography’. It took around six months to refine the technique but the results are dramatic, stunning images of waves that show both the break and the peak of the event.

photo micro wave

See her micro wave photography here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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