Brilliant Examples of Surreal Portrait Photography

megan christine

Photographer Megan Christine is undoubtedly another skilled artist to join the ranks of the growing surrealist movement that is so popular among the current generation of digital photographers. Christine is from the United States, and despite being a young photographer possesses the rare talent to tell narratives through her images.

surreal megan christine

She often shoots self-portraits in addition to images of other men and women, creating different scenarios each time. Christine’s style is decidedly surreal especially in the way she produces an ambiance that is dream-like, infused into mundane daily situations. Sift through her work and you will be drawn into a peculiar world of quirky but yet playful situations.

megan christine surreal photography

One of her unreal images shows a young woman standing in rust colored field as she stares down a billowing twister close to the horizon. There is an odd serenity that accompanies this image despite the impending danger.

surreal photography megan christine

In one of her photographs, a youthful woman is swept off her feet by a cluster of toy balloons as the sun sets in the horizon over a pastoral background. Another picture shows a young girl seated as she hovers above the floor in what appears to be a rustic oak paneled room.  She is by herself, reading a book as other reading material float in the room, weightless. The girl is oblivious to what is going on around her.

megan christine surreal photo

Megan has been described as classically trained, but endowed with innate, natural photography skills. Her energy is said to be contagious and she brings with her a vision to every shot she attempts. Based on her work she is a fine conceptual photographer with much to tell through her camera.

surreal photo megan christine

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