Brilliant Landscape Photos Saturated with Vivid Color

long exposure

Photographer Eric Hines shoots pensive images of reflections in every  amazing location he chooses and one is made to muse over the various panoramas as well as feel the tranquility present in each photograph.  He is able to manifest natural light as it bursts out across the heavens in his magnificent collection of landscapes. Hines uses long exposure techniques to capture a muted, indistinct painterly light, the flowing motion of water, or a star-filled night sky. Stillness is contrasted with a lively energy that emanates from the lush, rich colors.

eric hines long exposure milky way

Hines who is from Northwest Indiana, is also a noted time-lapse cinematographer. He was one of the winners of the 2012 International Earth and Sky Photo Competition and his pictures and videos have been featured in publications like the Huffington Post as well as the prestigious National Geographic.

eric hines long exposure

He travels throughout the country, following that luscious image wherever it may be, so he may capture it and bring it back for his viewers to see. Prevalent in his work is a sense of grandeur, as he shoots immense vistas while on the road. Identifying fascinating and uncommon locations is very central to Hines, but finding sites off the beaten path, especially in cities, is even trickier.

eric hines long exposure nature

“When it comes to city photography, I try to find new and unique views that most people haven’t seen before and capture them in interesting light,” Hines said in a recent interview. “This is usually easier said than done, though. In a city like Chicago with a population of around 3 million, there are few things that haven’t been photographed before.”

nature eric hines long exposure

Besides breathing fresh and unusual perspectives into his images, Hines also strives to find places that can offer a great backdrop for sunrise or sunset shots, in addition to nightscapes,  the latter being the more elusive. “The biggest process in capturing these locations is discovering them and figuring out where they are.”

eric hines long exposure silhouette

eric hines long exposure milky way

eric hines long exposure northern lights

eric hines long exposure night

See the totality of Hines work on his website.

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