Brothers Recreate Old Photographs of Themselves in Photo Series ‘Imagine Finding Me’

imagine finding me

There are many themes of pictures these days that revolve around childhood memories. Childhood photos have become the subject of many spins, like some artists photoshopping images of themselves into old photographs. One of the latest additions to pay homage to childhood pictures is by the Luxton brothers, but mind you, there is nothing reflective about this series. It is a silly, side-splitting collection of images that recreates old photos of themselves, but in their present day age.

luxton brothers

Apparently, the brothers prepared this bizarre collection for their mother as a Christmas present.  It is arguably one of the most hilarious versions of the childhood pic throwback theme to come along. The concept is a simple one: re-enact a childhood picture you have, complete with similar background, people, clothes, etc.

luxton brothers photos

Now the weird element, like it or not, is that every ‘child’ has grown-up, and that makes for loads of comical scenarios. It takes a special sense of humor to even think of these, let alone recreate each picture in detail. Even the family Labrador is not spared, showing it as a puppy and what perhaps must be another dog, given the short lifespan of canines. Even their dad as well as their uncle was game to jump in on the fun.

photo series luxton brothers

While the series is crazy and hilarious, it also reveals a special bond between Joe Luxton and his brother as they unashamedly posed for the silly shots, even sharing it in the very public internet.  The photos show a brotherly connection that has no doubt grown through the years.

imagine-finding-me- photo series childhood

Joe recently spoke of how he got to do the insane shoot. “Basically we made a calendar for our mum for her Christmas present of photos of us recreating old photographs that we found of ourselves.” It may come off as even creepy to some, but there is no denying that this series is going to continue to get a lot of laughs online.

luxton brothers imagine finding me

See the Luxton Brothers do their crazy re-enactments here.

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