Brothers Share their Scenic Landscape Adventures in Finland and Other Destinations

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Drawing from their father’s enthusiasm for life, brothers Daniel and Samuel Taipale go about things pretty much like siblings would; together.  Traveling on adventures abroad or sharing peaceful and stunning views from their home in Finland, these two brothers enjoy each other’s company the way two siblings should.

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It is also a rare thing to see the work of two different artists bundled together and presented as a joint creative effort. For these two young men, sibling rivalry takes a back seat and  good old fashioned ‘give and take’ rules, when it comes to taking photographs from a similar perspective.

taipale brothers travel

“We are very similar when it comes to exploring and photography,” Daniel says. “We travel a lot together and the photos we share are often the result of our combined effort and teamwork, thus following both our feeds complements the story of the #taipalebrothers.

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As a pair they channel images that cast attention into the beautiful, chilly world of Finland. They both hope to motivate others to go out traveling and exploring, emulating their creative work that is full of adventure and energy.

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“By looking at our photos, people will see that there are only two seasons in Finland: white winter and green winter,” says Samuel. “Finland is unique in the sense that it’s mostly covered by lakes and forest. We hope to show that it’s still a place that hasn’t been ruined by the thumbprint of man.”

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Samuel began traveling the world in 2006 when he made a decision to move to Hawaii. On the island he learned how to surf, but he continued traveling to New Zealand, South Africa and also embarked on a road trip through 47 states in America. Daniel on the other hand started his travels in 2007.

taipale brothers travel photos

His maiden trip was through New Zealand, and while there he learned how to surf and snowboard. A year later he journeyed through China and then moved to Japan, teaching snowboarding to local children in the Japanese Alps. The two Taipales are these days based in Finland, working as freelance photographers. Together they both embody a kindred spirit that is infused with wonder and adventure.

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See their collective works in their website.

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