Bublcam: 360-Degree Panoramas with No Blind Spots


In what is arguably one of the most innovative developments to emerge from camera technology comes a spherical object that does amazing things. It’s called a Bublcam. The Bublcam incorporates 360-degree camera technology that allows you to capture all-around panoramas.

You can do this either as still photographs or IN spherical video, giving you super, ultra-wide perspectives. Just like other cameras, Bublcam can stream video in real-time using Wi-Fi, just in case you have an application where 360 degree perspective is necessary.

bublcam mounted

Bublcam’s makers from Canada have taken to Kickstarter, hoping to raise $100,000 before going full steam into production. The target date they have set is May 2014 as shipping date. It is a work in progress that has logged more than two years of development already. So far the designers have funded research and development themselves, even selling a previous business just to fuel the ongoing work.

bublcam use

“We’re all tapped out,” exclaims Sean Ramsay, Bubl founder and CEO. For now, all their cards are stacked with Kickstarter to carry the project towards the finish line for its full blast launch. They phenomenally overshot the target of $100,000 in just 13 hours, raising more than $300,000 already. Bubl COO Greg Ponesse says the Bublcam is positioned for the consumer market, and will be priced at about $700.  Bublcam could be available in a few months, or by May of 2014.

person holding bublcam

Bublcam has zero blind spots in the image, due to its tetrahedral design which has four 190º lenses that overlap, creating a seamless image. Its video capture ability is also outstanding at 1080p at 15 fps and 720p at 30fps. It is capable of capturing 14 mega pixel spherical photos as well as videos. Another innovation is the spherical playback. Bubl’s software carries quite a load in doing Bublcam’s magic,  taking a multiplex image made-up of the four separate camera views, combining those quadrants together in real-time. “Calibration became quite a bottleneck,” according to Ramsay. “It went through a lot of iterations before we got that right.”

The Kickstarter campaign that began in Nov. 5 will run until Dec. 14. Check out their gallery here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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