Candid Photos of People Set Against Magnificent Panoramas

man looking at geyser

The boundaries of man’s relationship with nature are the theme of images by photographers Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström. For the series, Watching Humans Watching, the Stockholm-based duo spent the last four years photographing the dynamic between people and nature by taking a detached approach to their subjects.

photo standing on sand

Lindergård and Holmström had no communication with the people they photographed. In time they had amassed a body of work that at once is both amusing and thought provoking. The photographs were on exhibit at the Swedish Photography gallery in Berlin, and are still well worth more than just a good look. One needs the luxury of lingering at each image to appreciate Watching Humans Watching.

people looking at lake

“Each picture explores man’s disconnected relationship with nature, as if there were a wall between them and the environment,” they said of the series. The photographs ignite an interest about what each person might be thinking as they gaze out into the world. Through this simple depiction of others as they themselves observe their environment, the artists are able to elicit viewers to give pause for some self reflection, and to experience that same pensive stillness that springs from each tranquil composition.

isolated person

In their joint statement, Lindergård and Holmström state:

“Its suggested that even though the photographs depicts human beings in nature one can view them the same way one views a photograph of lions or zebras.”

man looking over water

What you see in Watching Humans Watching is man still overwhelmed by the majesty of nature, despite the technology driven day and age we live in. Like the untamed animal that roams the wilderness, at times we perhaps look a bit perplexed, and the undeniable fact is we are still and maybe will always be awe struck by the raw and endlessly abundant beauty of our environment.

person on shore

See the intriguing Watching Humans Watching on the duo’s website.

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