Canon’s Rumored 75-Megapixel DSLR May Have a Stacked Three-Layer Sensor

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Talk has been rife among shutterbug enthusiasts about the Canon camera that is said to be launched next year with a monster 75-megapixel sensor. If some of you are already daydreaming about the possibilities in terms of shooting humongous photos for billboards or other large display areas, that presumption may be a bit premature.

Here’s what the latest sleuthing has led us to believe so far.

Rather than use a regular 75-megapixel Bayer sensor that produces 75-megapixel photos, the upcoming Canon model could in fact use a stacked sensor system that uses three layers in red, green, and blue to be able to capture more amounts of color information in each shot. This type of 3-layer sensor technology was seen in a published Canon patent back in May by the Japanese website Egami.

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According to Northlight Images, they have reason to believe from a highly reliable source that Canon’s forthcoming high-MP DSLR will in fact use this type of sensor. They claim that 75 MP is a ‘total usable photosite’ count. That figure is said to be referencing a non-Bayer multilayer sensor that uses blue, green, and red layers.

Such types of stacked sensors started surfacing in the camera industry a few years ago when Sigma began using Foveon X3 sensors in their cameras. Those cameras have a reputation for having fantastic color reproduction at low ISOs, but are strained if the sensitivity is taken higher.

Similar to Nokia’s 41-megapixel PureView cameras, which have the ability to compress multiple pixels into one for a higher-quality/lower-resolution photo, Canon’s 75+ MP DSLR may not be a true 75MP machine after all. If the numbers are actually referring to three layers of equal sizes, then what we are actually expecting is a camera that takes 25 megapixel images created using 75 megapixels worth of color data. While that doesn’t sound too terrible, this makes the initial expectation a bit too fantastic. “75MP is just too big a number for any marketing department to ignore,” wrote Northlight Images.  They also caution to manage expectations of the new model.  “[…] expect some subtleties in wording if this one is for real.”

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