Captivating Images of Immense Ice Formations in Greenland

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Photographer Michael J Quinn’s Greenland Reflection is a photo series in which he captures the breathtaking icebergs of Greenland. In every photo of the series, Quinn shows a massive iceberg as it floats on the surface of the icy waters. Photographed in various states either as solid masses or riddled with holes as they melt, each iceberg is nonetheless breathtaking.

icebergs in greenland

With their serrated edges, and hollow cavities, these immense ice formations look more like objects from another time and place. Part of the motivation that drives Quinn to photograph such natural marvels is to entice people to visit and see the wonders of the world first hand. On the subject of glaciers and icebergs, he had this to share.

icebergs in greenland formations

“I was on expedition in the Lindenow Fjord of Greenland. I have seen this repeated over and over during my trips to Greenland. The glaciers are receding. You don’t have to believe what the science community is telling you about the ice, visit it yourself and make up your own mind. Look at the images of the glaciers. Talk to the Greenlanders about how the ice used to be just ten years ago. They will be more than glad to share their local knowledge and their oral history,” lamented Quinn. His passion is apparent in his broad collection of photos that provide viewers a window to the wonderful beauty of nature.

greenland iceberg

Quinn was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1965, and grew up in a small suburb outside the city. His mother provided him an SLR as a gift as a teen.  Apparently, his fascination for nature is rooted in an impressionable trip he made to Colorado as an adolescent. Inspired by its beauty, his passion grew, and so did his skill behind the camera.

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Unfortunately, that interest in both nature and photography was sidelined for more practical pursuits like school. Fast forward to 2000, and Quinn, now an Engineering and Mathematics degree holder, as well as family man was reunited with his beloved Colorado. Not long-after, he purchased a Nikon, and was back on track with his teenage passion.

iceberg greenland

See Quinn’s awesome iceberg shots called Greenland Reflection here.

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