Captivating Long Exposure Images That Showcase the Beauty of the Evening Sky

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Mikko Lagerstedt comes from the growing school of self-taught fine art photographers. He is from Kerava, Finland, and he is quickly becoming known for his captivating night sky images which are beautiful, surreal and enigmatic all at once. Lagerstedt has been passionate about his craft since he took it up in 2008. He makes images that are visually impressive, and they transcend into emotionally engaging pictures. Like the vast majority of young blood, Lagerstedt specializes in digital, long exposure, evening photography and his growing portfolio is exceptionally impressive.

long exposure night sky

Many of the dazzling images are shot with multiple exposures to intensify the lucidity in the foreground, background and especially the night sky. This body of work by Lagerstedt of atmospheric landscape images of Finland has earned the young photographer an enormous following on the web.

hot air balloon night sky

Over on his Facebook page, over 400,000 likes are indicated, and it’s not going be too long before he cracks the half-million mark. Diehard fans can avail of prints, and open editions are offered via Red Bubble while limited editions are accessible through his website. He has received critical acclaim from the photography community and we quote a couple of noteworthy comments on his work.

long exposure

“Mikko Lagerstedt’s images do all the talking. No, scrap that. They scream and shout brilliance.” – Digital SLR Photography Magazine

“By finding his own vision, Mikko has managed to create a portfolio of beautiful and atmospheric images that have captured the imagination of others.” – Debbie Allen, Amateur Photographer Magazine

clouds night sky

Nothing is more flattering or satisfying than the approval and admiration of your peers, and Lagerstedt has obviously achieved that with such generous praise from the photography community. Not bad for someone who has only handled a camera for six years.

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