Captivating Photos of Brazilian Beaches Teeming with People


The fervor surrounding the Brazil hosted World Cup may be over, but the Brazilian passion for partying and celebrations goes enduringly on. French photographer Benoit Fournier captures that spirit through the beauty of Brazilian beaches in his latest series, showing the love affair Brazilians have with the shoreline.

Frequenting the beach is undoubtedly a national pastime here. And who can blame them; 12 month of glorious sun, white sands, samba parties, all at very accessible prices make Brazil’s beaches some of the best recreational places on the planet. The beaches continue to be some of this South American country’s most popular, in-demand tourist attractions. Most are patronized by both locals and tourists, as bronzed bodied men and women sprawled on lovely white sand and pristine waters comingle off the Atlantic coast.

brazilian beach

The warm, tropical climate of Brazil is wonderful for visitors who want to spend as much time as they like soaking in the outdoors. Every Brazilian beach boasts of a unique beauty of its own, offering visitors an endless number of options when it comes to selecting their beach of choice. No wonder Brazil is practically synonymous with leisure under the sun.

brazilian beach black and white

In Fournier’s photos the main emphasis changes; sometimes the water, other times passers-by walking along the sand, or it could be the beach -goers themselves. Regardless of how Fournier points his camera, each image is teeming with people, indicative of how the beach is more a way life for the fun-loving Brazilian populace.

brazilian beach people

One image practically obscures any sand area from sight due to the sheer volume of people. But it seems the credo here is; the more the merrier, as people don’t seem to mind the crowded spaces. Fournier’s images are those of regular folk, and not your typical beach hunk or goddess.  These are regular people whom we can identify with who are just having a leisurely day under the sun.

brazilian beach sunny

Fournier is a French photographer who lives and works in Brazil. He took up photography at 20 honing his skills while in Mexico and Spain, eventually settling in Rio de Janeiro.

brazilian beach silhouette

brazilian beach people

See his images of the beaches and people of Brazil here.

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