Captivating Wedding Photos Shot Against the Breathtaking Icelandic Landscape

iceland wedding photo

Sometimes the lines can blur when a wedding pictorial is shot in a location that can upstage the milestone event. That is perhaps what can be said of Ohio couple Sarah and Josh, who decided to ditch plans for a grand wedding bash in their home state. The couple instead opted to head for Iceland to stage some astounding wedding photos.

iceland wedding photo landscape

“We had our bridal party planned, I had purchased my dress, we had booked our photographer Gabe McClintock to come down to Ohio to be with us, we had a date and a time and a place,” Sarah said in a recent interview.

portrait iceland wedding photo

“But as time went on, it just never felt quite right. Things started falling out of place and becoming much more stressful than we wanted. And so, after much deliberation, we decided to elope. Our marriage was for us, and no one else.” It was also easy selecting to solicit the services of McClintock.  “I’d seen Gabe’s blog and the photographs were like nothing I had ever seen before – he had to shoot the wedding,” said Sarah.

landscape iceland wedding photo

The couple thus ended-up saying their ‘I dos’ against majestic Icelandic backdrops. Amidst thunderous waterfalls, imposing mountains, rocky landscapes, and abundantly green pastoral plains, the couple’s wedding day and devotion to for each other was shot flawlessly in the incredible photos. Not long after the June 6 wedding, Sarah and Josh posted the pictures on Facebook, and ofcourse the series immediately went viral on the internet.

landscape iceland wedding photo series

‘When we arrived in Iceland we fell in love at first sight. It’s the most awe-inspiring location we could have imagined – there are no words to describe the grandeur and untouched beauty.” Arguably you could refer to the images as a wedding of a threesome with Iceland being the third party in a consensual love affair. “When we got to see the photographs they were beyond anything we had hoped for and we can’t wait to display them in our home for decades to come,” gushed the couple.

landscape wedding photo series iceland

wedding photo series iceland  landscape

wedding photo series iceland

See the incredible wedding photos here.

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