Capture Spherical Panoramas on your GoPro or DSLR with the Eye Mirror

eye mirror dslr

360-degree cameras seem to be all the rage, and here’s the newest version. What sets this apart from the other gadgets is it makes use of your existing camera. It’s called the Eye Mirror, a startup initiated by U.K. inventors Dan Burton and Thomas Seidl, whose invention attaches to just about any camera and gives it the capability to shoot 360-degree panoramas as well as videos.

eye mirror go pro

The Eye Mirror which one can see in action in the introductory video over on Kickstarter simply attaches to the front of your camera lens and mirrors back a 360-degree sphere back to the image sensor.

GoPros, can use a special housing where you place the camera, while smaller cameras will require an adapter. Although it was designed for use with different cameras, it appears that Eye Mirror’s designers envisioned it being used more for action shots with the GoPro.

eye mirror spherical panorama

However that is not to say adapters will not fit the Eye Mirror to practically any DSLR, P&S or video cam, which they will. Underwater users will have the option of taking it with a special underwater housing.  Processing is bypassed, and you can see the videos on your computer or Smartphone devices immediately.  For those who want to go into the 3D experience, one can use the device with Oculus Rift.

eye mirror

Eye Mirror is getting quite decent reception, surpassing its Kickstarter fundraising goal with a couple of weeks  still remaining.  They expect to start rolling out the product next year, in March 2014. GoPro ready packages will retail for about $300 upwards, and the DSLR version will sell for around $380.  For those wanting to save, they can get them at a slight discount if you order through the crowdfunding campaign.

Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here.

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