Changing Weather Paints Different Seascapes in Photo Series ‘Madeiran Weather’

atlantic ocean seascape

The Atlantic Ocean can be a vast playground for any photographer that has the least bit of an imagination. Jakob Wagner’s body of images showing the seemingly infinite sea depicts myriad scenarios of water and sky meeting in the horizon. The remarkable thing the photographer from Duesseldorf, Germany illustrates is the diverse kinds of images one can extract from just one, coastal area view. Every photo is dramatically different from the other, as the changing weather paints a different seascape each time.

seascape atlantic ocean jakob wagner

According to Wagner, he shot the photographs, not in his professional capacity, but more as a personal project. This took place during his trip to Madeira in January 2011. The collective photos are aptly called Madeiran Weather.

storm clouds over atlantic madeira

Madeira is an archipelago can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and is situated southwest of Portugal. It is a popular resort destination, and is visited by an estimated one million tourists every year. Madeira is known also for its wine, flowers, landscapes and excellent embroidery artisans. Its annual New Year celebrations feature one of the largest fireworks displays in the world. No wonder Wagner was on a trip to this enchanting place. While visiting, he spent several days watching and documenting the changing weather from his cliff coast vantage point.

“The weather changed rapidly,” he recalled, creating a “true spectacle of nature.”

clouds gathered over atlantic ocean madeira

The pictures shot using a Canon 5D Mark II and various focal lengths lenses, reveal light beams piercing the dreary overcast sky, casting dark shadows on the water surface. Rain is also sprinkling down from looming storm clouds, with stars forming tracks of light from above.

star trails over madeira atlantic ocean

Wagner was born 1985 in Herdecke, Germany. He completed his three-year apprenticeship as a photographer in the summer of 2008. He has established permanent residence in Duesseldorf, where he works as a freelance photographer, image editor and occasional photo assistant. Work allows and necessitates that he travels frequently, taking him to many different countries around the globe.

storm clouds over atlantic ocean madeira

View his expansive vistas of the Atlantic Ocean here.

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