Charming Photos of Two Young Boys Capture Their Boisterous Energy

haru and mina

Hideaki Hamada is just one of many who live in Osaka with his wife and their two young sons Haru and Mina. However as a photographer, his work is quite special. His sons, Haru and Mina are his subjects, and his work captures their charm, their boisterous youthful energy and their fresh hearts and minds that can only come from sweet young kids like themselves.

mischievous kids

Hamada spoke of his pictures of the two boys saying,

“I want to take photographs of my sons so that they will be able to feel something when they grow up. These photos will be like gifts to my family in the future.”

haru and mina photos

Hamada has been photographing his sons ever since they were born. The older son, Haru, is now five and the younger son, Mina, is now three. The images convey a sense of happiness and tenderness as the boys sing, prance, climb, and play, just like most children do. Through this photo collection, Hamada hopes to make something that his sons can look back on someday when they are adults.

haru and mina photo in car

At times it takes just one picture to reveal a child’s relationship with a sibling, such as the wide eyed wonder and animated laughter frozen in time in these images. A photo has the power to remind us of this. This exactly what Hamada so successfully captures of his two sons, as they gallivant around.

haru and mina photo playing

They are just two boys, enjoying themselves two little kids should. That is precisely the charm of Hamada’s photographs. In them we see a little bit of our own childhood, as well as every child that has ever been dear to us. A son, a daughter, or perhaps a younger sibling all comes to mind as we view these images.

haru and mina photo playing with vinyl collection

Hamada was aware of this when he shared the collection showing his two sons,

“I think that digital pictures as materials are more fragile than prints, but expressions on the monitor or online have endless possibilities. It connects people…all around the world.”

haru and mina peeking

Truly, they do link us together with shared memories that are so much alike, and yet are uniquely our own. It also reminds us that loving our children is a universal quality regardless of race.

playing haru and mina

See Hamada’s heartwarming collection of Haru and Mina as they celebrate childhood here.

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