Chasing Superstorms: Staggering Images of Nature’s Fury


Mitch Dobrowner you might say is some kind of storm chaser. Being at it since 2009, he does not follow storms to study them but rather to catch their fury on camera. Partnered with Roger Hill who is a genuine professional storm chaser, Dobrowner journeys throughout Midwestern and Western USA just to take pictures of storms unleashing their immense power.

thunderstorm lightning

tornado lightning

He has taken astonishing images of monsoons, tornados, and enormous thunderstorms with only the best caliber photography. Dobrowner’s storm images are well-known for their quality in media circles, with publications such as New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, and Time Magazine using them, to name few. His collection of pictures can be seen in a book simply called Storms as a large-format, deluxe, affordable edition publication.

storm clouds


In his own words, Dobrowner reveals his obsession with this violent weather phenomenon,

“Words are inadequate to describe the experience of photographing this immense power and beauty. And the most exciting part is with each trip I really don’t know what to expect. But now I see these storms as living, breathing things. They are born when the conditions are right, they gain strength as they grow, they fight against their environment to stay alive, they change form as they age… and eventually they die. They take on so many different aspects, personalities and faces; I’m in awe watching them. These storms are amazing sights to witness…. and I’m just happy to be there—shot or no shot; it’s watching Mother Nature at her finest. My only hope my images can do justice to these amazing phenomenon of nature.”


storm lightning

Mitch Dobrowner draws inspiration from nature, as well as from the experts of landscape photography who have defined the niche, specifically Ansel Adams as well as Minor White. Dobrowner started one of his central themes, the landscapes of the American West, way back in 2005, however, storms have turned into his main focus these days.


lightning storm

clouds lightning

thunderstorm clouds

See pictures from the book, Storms here.

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