Children React to the Taste of a Lemon for the First Time in Photo Series ‘Pucker’

asian little girl tasting lemons in pucker photo series

Lemons are a great source of flavor that can add that special zest to a dish or beverage. But did you ever think of them as the special ingredient for toddler portraits? Everyone will perhaps agree that toddlers are hopelessly adorable, but while in the throes of sour lemon bliss, they are just utterly disarming. Photographer David Wile decided to shoot the precise moment kids would reaction to the taste of a lemon, thinking it would make for a delightful thing to capture. He was right.

adorable boy tasting lemons in pucker photo series

“Lemons can be a great source of entertainment. Especially when you give babies the opportunity to taste it for the first time!” To gather his tiny subjects, Wile requested his Facebook friends if he could photograph their children sampling lemons for the first time. “Their reactions were amusing to say the least,” said an amused Wile.

adorable child tasting lemons in pucker photo series

The collection aptly called Pucker captures the hilarious expressions of these little ones, while having everybody else gushing at their cuteness, spontaneity and candor. Their reactions ranged from discomfort to perplexity, at times even looking deceived. Some of the toddlers surprisingly seemed pleased with the misleadingly sour lemons.

cute girl tasting lemons in pucker photo series

Not unexpectedly, the series is starting to gain popularity on the web, being such an irresistibly cute collection. Wile was able to faithfully capture the little one’s priceless facial expressions, which will make you cringe yourself in sympathetic uneasiness, or gush and laugh at the same time at the apparently naughty trick on these babies.

asian little boy tasting lemons in pucker photo series

Dressed in just bibs and set against a blue backdrop, the babies don’t hide any of their raw emotions. Needless to say, no little tots were harmed in this photo shoot. They were mostly just startled a bit by the zesty lemons. For those who will recall, Wile also brought to us Splash, the playful photo series about the entertaining expressions of animals and people whose heads got a bucket of water poured on them. Obviously, Wile has a penchant for the spontaneous in all of us.

cute boy tasting lemons in pucker photo series

See the amusing Pucker here.

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