Children’s Fears Graphically Portrayed with a Satirized Twist in Photo Series ‘Terror’

bedroom monster series

Remember when as a child you used to hide yourself under a blanket, fearful of the imagined ghost by the side of your bed? Do you also recall how you would spend many frightful nights alone, dreading the monster that would terrorize you inside your bedroom?  We all remember those arduous paranoia-driven evenings spent sticking our heads into the covers, sometimes to the point of sweating profusely under the sheets. Terror accurately captures the kinds of fears we experience as children but with a satirized twist.

Laure Fauvel

Children are wildly imaginative, and unfortunately some of these fertile thoughts conjure ridiculous ghouls, ghosts and monsters. Laure Fauvel, a photographer based in France, decided to graphically recreate some of these imagined scenes in a series called, Terror.

Laure Fauvel bedroom monsters

It is an amusing photo collection that shows children getting the upper hand on their innocent, but annoying inner fears. The twist in Terror is that rather than cower in fright under a blanket or inside a closet, the children depicted in the series boldly fight back. No crying out for their dads, moms or guardians here as these kids are portrayed bravely standing up to bedroom menacing creatures. Comically, the monsters are depicted as being in absolute fear of the pajama-clad children. Talk about the tables being turned.

Laure Fauvel bedroom monsters photo series

The whimsical Terror by Fauvel is something that will surely bring a smile to both kids and adults. It could also be teaching tool for parents, as they can show their kids how a little imagination, when tweaked, can work in their favor. It fundamentally shows that anyone, not just children, can easily triumph over their fears if they so choose to, a lesson that will serve them well as they go through life.

photo series Laure Fauvel bedroom monsters

Besides the innovative concept, the images in Terror are skillfully executed, and you would be hard-pressed to tell if the monsters were shot in-camera as props, or were digitally inserted. One thing is for sure, Terror does not strike terror, but rather amusement into the viewer.

Laure Fauvel bedroom monsters

See it here in Fauvel’s website.

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