City Skylines Captured at Different Times Merged into Time Slice Images


Photographer Dan Marker-Moore adores Los Angeles and he wanted to convey the total beauty of the city skylines as it traverses day to night. With that goal in mind, he decided to try a unique approach which was a time slice.  In his Time Slice series, Marker-Moore brings the city’s appeal to another level with this unique technique.

time-slice dan marker-moore

In the collection, he compiled fragments of images shot with increments of seconds from each other, all photographed in one day day. The unusual stills take us into an astonishing Los Angeles that appears bathed in many stunning rays of light. Marker-Moore uses anything from 10 to over 60 photos in each composition shot over a period from 20 minutes to over 2 hours.

dan marker-moore time-slice

He is making available limited edition prints that have been elegantly printed and mounted to 1/4 inch acrylic, back mounted to aluminum. The various ‘slices’ are either vertical or angled diagonally, and one can see beautiful sunrises or sunsets over the city as they collide with various shades of daytime light or artificial evening illumination.

dan marker-moore time-slice  photo series

For Marker-Moore, finding just the right light can get tricky since this technique requires near perfect sunlight, moonlight, clear skies, not to mention an unobstructed view of the city skyline. Conditions anything less perfect will just not work and he will often pack up his equipment. However, when the confluence of perfect conditions happens, Marker-Moore can capture Los Angeles in a truly extraordinary manner.

photo series dan marker-moore time-slice

In a recent interview he shared some thoughts on the unique technique.

“I like to approach each time slice a little differently, and explore what works for the scene. A lot of them fall flat. In fact, I shoot and edit quite a few that don’t work for each one that I share. Important aspects of a winning time slice include good variation of color in the sky and strong subject. I really think I’ve only begun to explore design possibilities.”

dan marker-moore time-slice photo series

Visit his website to see the growing Time Slice collection of work.

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