Cityscapes Photographed from an Aerial Perspective Revealing Toy-Like Urban Clusters

Matteo Procaccioli cities

Aerial photographs always present a fresh point of view to almost anything. It is a rare perspective for gravity bound creatures such as us. Whenever we get a literal bird’s eye view of something, we are instantly mesmerized. Matteo Procaccioli’s version of the airborne shot, however, is quite decidedly different. The Italian photographer’s Microcities take on a miniature city appearance, almost looking like computer generated images from a sci-fi video game.

Matteo Procaccioli microcities

They appear as if devoid of inhabitants, taken from a distance that obscures any human activity.  What one sees are various clusters of cubed shaped blocks sticking out from the ground which are obviously the buildings that populate any metropolis.

microcities Matteo Procaccioli

From above they are stripped of their roles as either urban dwellings or work places, and are reduced to little shapes appearing like Lego blocks on an intricate design platform. One can also observe  a desolate quality  to these pictures. Many in fact resemble  the futuristic sets imagined by creators of sci-fi epics like Star War’s, such as the futuristic city of Tatooine, Procaccioli is a creative associate in Milan’s fashion industry, but when time affords him the luxury, he indulges his other interest which is fine art photography.

aerial microcities

Procaccioli focuses primarily on man-made structures and environments as seen in his collection of aerial shots. This particular collection is called Microcities, and it displays his unique style evident in the bleak urban landscapes.

microcities aerial

A brief background of Procaccioli is offered in his website,

“Matteo Procaccioli was born in Jesi in 1983 and grew up among the wonderful landscapes of central Italy. After his high-school diploma, he moved to Milan where he embarked on a course of study in the fashion field. Not long afterwards, he started to work in photography, collaborating as freelance assistant with some fashion photographers in Milan, and subsequently for a short period on the editorial staff of the fashion magazine, Vogue Italia. He worked for a few years in a Marketing and Communication agency, looking after and supervising events and special projects and exploiting his creativity and research capacities….”

Matteo Procaccioli aerial microcities

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