Clever iPhone Add-On Contains a Larger Sensor and a 50mm f/1.8 Lens


We place great demands on our smartphones, and the iPhone’s is perhaps one of the most stressed and stretched among the smartphone gadgets. Perhaps the most used and abused multi-tasking feature of our ubiquitous smartphone is arguably the camera. When it comes to the iPhone, its camera has seen many improvements over the years, and is often times the most anticipated feature upgrade to new models of its various incarnations. Having said that, well, here we go again.

ladibird sample shot

In a trend that is not likely to go away in the near future, it would be perhaps safe to say that the iPhone’s built-in camera is always going to be a subject of endless fussing. This time, we have a camera upgrade that comes in the guise of a camera case. It’s called the Ladibird, and it is a fully functioning camera ingeniously created and positioned as a smartphone add-on.

ladibird comparison

The Ladibird is a forthcoming device that is designed to transform an iPhone into a serious portrait camera that will satisfy even the most finicky of shutterbugs, so they say. The ergonomic unit uses a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens in addition to a large CMOS sensor, all cleverly integrated in a design that effortlessly slides over any iPhone. We will underscore that, any iPhone. The Ladibird comes with a complimentary app that when used in conjunction turns the iPhone essentially into a storage and transmission medium.

sample photo ladibird

The Ladibird was envisioned and developed by a trio of University of Singapore grad students. The triumvirate, having a flair for photography and an enterprising spirit, came-up with the device. The Ladibird is just about wrapping-up its second round of fundraising in the crowdfunding site Indiegogo and hopes to kick into mass production for a July 2014 delivery schedule. Fast facts of the fundraising campaign have the Ladibird pegged at $300. What remains to be seen is if the Ladibird can truly simulate DSLR quality images.

ladibird add-on accessory

Learn more about the soon-to-come Ladibird here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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