Clever Still-Life Photos and Portraits Inspired by Some of the Great Masters


Freelance photographer Zdenek Sindelar, who also goes by the moniker CuriousZed, has earned his reputation in the photography community by paying special and meticulous attention to detail in every image he creates. He also holds sway to the belief that in each image created there is a story to be told.

photo series

The Netherlands-based Sindelar did exactly that as he created a collection of modern still life photos and portraits that are tribute copies of some of the great masters. The execution of the series is extremely creative in composition, vivid with colors, and awash with lights and shadows to highlight contrast. At times even brooding, his photographs bring to mind the great works of classic Dutch painters such as Pieter Claesz and Rembrandt. Sindelar adds his input by adding elements of modernity taken from present-day life, such as  a stiletto shoe as well as  the innards of a personal computer.


Nicknamed “Zed“, Sindelar is now diversifying his work into the areas of fine art and glamour photography, employing innovative and intricate lighting methods combined with natural light to establish his own trademark look, exemplified in his homage to some of the masters. Sindelar is no slouch in the technical department, and is quite adept with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and he is an enthusiast of Apple editing tools. The Dutch artist’s work is featured on many social media sites, in addition to several of his images being obtainable through name-brand art agencies.


Sindelar grew up in Eastern Europe and while he now lives in the Netherlands, he has made it a point to travel the world and document what he sees with his trusty camera. Sindelar shoots everything that catches his eye during his many journeys to Asia, Europe and Africa, which can be viewed at his website. He is a man of many interests and endeavors, having managed a music bar, worked in a graphic studio, and even taught guitar at one point. Quite a renaissance man of sorts, really.

man portrait

food portrait

dog portrait

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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