Clingy Girlfriend Leads Photographer in Photos

Clingy Girlfriend Leads Photographer

Not trying to be mean by calling Russian photographer Murad Osmann’s girlfriend clingy, but that’s exactly how this photo project came to be. You may have already come across this set of photos entitled Follow Me because it has become quite popular over the past few days. Each picture was taken from Osmann’s perspective and shows his girlfriend pulling him by the hand towards various travel destinations worldwide, from Disneyland to the Big Ben in London.

Photographer's Girlfriend Girl Meadow

It’s a clever concept that I think a lot of photographers can relate to. We’ve all lagged behind the group at some point, whether it was to capture the scene from a better angle or to include your companions in the shot. Osmann is no exception. I’m sure his girlfriend got tired of constantly waiting for Osmann to finish taking pictures, so she took matters into her own hands (literally). Even then, this didn’t deter him from snapping some pictures. It paid off because a lot of people can appreciate his idea.

I think a lot of people are drawn to his girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova in the pictures because of the mystery; you want her to turn around and see her face, but in every shot, she’s almost out of reach.

Girl with Soulders Photograph

Another reason why I think she played a big part in the series was her whole look. Her clothes, hair and even nail polish added to the overall effect of the photo. Her outfits complimented the different backgrounds beautifully.

Osmann captured these images using both his DSLR and his iPhone and then edited them using the Camera+ app. The last step was to upload to Instagram. Follow his account, along with the tens of thousands that have done the same very recently. You can check out the rest of his images from this set on his Instagram and stay tuned for his trip to New York in April.

“It might seem that I have a lot of free time, but we [Hype] have a lot of shoots away from Moscow — I’m usually always busy at work abroad,” he said. “But after we finish shooting, I often ask my girlfriend to come for two or three days and we continue our project.”

Girl with Rubber Duck Frankeinstein Venice Street Photograph Time's Square Photograph Shopping Cart Portrait Amazon

I do wish I could see these photos without the HDR effect as I’m not a huge fan of the technique. What do you think?

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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