Close-Up Shots of Spiders with Fancy Waterdrop Hats

close-up spider

To a considerable number of people, mention spiders and you will elicit reactions of squeamishness and panic. And who can blame them. Spiders aren’t exactly cute, nor are they known to be harmless. The bite of some spiders can cause much harm, even death given the wrong mix of circumstances. So would you be hard-pressed to imagine these multi-legged critters depicted in a way that is almost amusing? Well, Uda Dennie did just that.

spider with droplet on head

In fact you are likely to break a smile once you see his unlikely portrayal of these much feared arachnids.  Based in Batam Island, Indonesia, Dennie took photos of a rather amusing sight. In the convenience of his own garden, Dennie photographed jumping spiders with water drops on their heads.

waterdrop on head of spider

He was able to do this as the water droplets stayed in place for around a minute, affording him   ample time take his shots. The 33-year-old is quite immune to the predictable squeamishness that accompanies such spidery encounters. Instead, he looks at his macro photos with much interest and delight.

Jumping spiders are easy to spot, since they have four pairs of eyes that are located in an odd pattern. A pair is movable while the three pairs are stationary, giving the creature uncanny 360-degree vision, as well as new meaning to the term ‘shifty eyed.’

waterdrop on spider's head

Dennie recently spoke about his sessions photographing the spiders.

“I was really surprised to get such amazing pictures – it was really wonderful. I have seen anything like this before, it is such an interesting photograph. I have a real passion for macro photography and after lots of trial and error I’m now able to produce good images – perseverance really paid off.”

waterdrop on head of spider

Seeing his amazing pictures, one may be surprised to know that Dennie only began taking photos with a DSLR camera less than four years ago. His attraction towards macro photos was triggered by some Internet photos, making him realize this was something he wanted to pursue.

See his humorously amazing shots here.

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Patricia Ramos

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