Colgate’s Dental Floss Ad Campaign

ad campaign for dental floss

Colgate teamed up with Y&R Brazil to come up with some clever advertisements for their line of Total dental floss. Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals spearheaded the photoshoot, and Flavio Casarotti and Rui Branquinho were responsible for the creative direction. Continue reading to see how their idea can make you realize the importance of dental hygiene, most especially dental floss.

Take a look at these pictures and read until the end to understand what makes it different.

ad campaign for dental floss
ad campaign for dental floss

See anything amiss? No? Take another quick look at the photos again.

What do these three photos have in common? Only the men have food stuck in their teeth is one, but that’s not the point. They’re all Photoshop disasters. True, but that’s not the point either.

Aside from the obvious debris stuck between the teeth, you may or may not have noticed these as well:

• In the first photo, the guy is missing his right ear.
• In the second photo, the lady has her six-fingered hand on display
• In the third photo, there is a random arm resting on the guy’s shoulder that does not belong to either one of them.

These three red arrows are located on the upper right hand portion of each of the three photos above:

ad campaign for dental floss

In a nutshell, Colgate is just trying to tell you that you need to always floss your teeth. Get the debris out because it is THAT distracting. By proving that people are more likely to stare and gawk at the stuff in between your teeth, they hope to encourage customers to purchase their product to take care of that problem.

Perhaps these ads serve a double purpose. Aside from proving that gunk stuck in your teeth can be an effective distraction, those with missing ears, extra fingers or extra arms now also know that some people don’t notice physical abnormalities as much as they do someone’s dental hygiene. Either that or people just naturally look towards the mouth area after hearing that it’s a Colgate ad.

Did you fall for it? Do you think it counts as good advertising?

If you didn’t know that it was a Colgate ad, would you have noticed the fingers, arm or the missing ear before seeing the gunk in between the teeth?

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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