Collection of Photos Entitled ‘Sugar Series’ is Literal Eye Candy

sugar series black

The term ‘eye candy’ certainly holds literally true with this collection aptly called Sugar Series. Photographer Emily Blincoe sought to spotlight a number of our favorite treats by sorting out these indulgences arranged in matching colors and hues. After all, who does not crave a chocolate bar or some sweet candy every once in a while?

sugar series red

sugar series pink

Just like the most of us, Blincoe, a visual artist, is vulnerable to a sugary pleasure every now and then. What she did was carefully select different types of treats and arrange them  by color; tangy oranges, citrus yellow,  raspberry red and apple greens,  to name a few of the schemes she used. Blincoe plans to print posters of these images soon, so you can have these delectable sweets plastered on your walls. Make sure you get to know when they are up for sale by checking her website every now and then.

sugar series blue

sugar series yellow

Most of the popular commercial chocolates and candies are present in Sugar Series. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself headed for the convenience store to grab a bar for a quick sugar fix. Sugar Series also proves that there is a strong correlation between visual stimulation and our appetites.

sugar series white

sugar series purple

The collection illustrates this connection by showing how visual presentation can at times make all the difference. Blincoe’s Sugar Series is an example of food photography at its best.

sugar series orange

sugar series green

She is a freelance photographer, born & raised in Austin, Texas. Blincoe enjoys working with both color and natural light and usually shows this inclination via a series.  Her penchant for both elements also shows in her work with portraits, landscapes and other concept photography.

sugar series gold

Her website, gives a glimpse of what’s going on in Blincoe’s creative world.  She likens the site to something between a portfolio and a blog.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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