Collection of Pictures Combined into Animated Visuals

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Pardon the comment, but for just a moment, can we please have a brief respite from all the’ surreal’, ‘ethereal’, ‘other worldly’ and ‘dream-like’ pictures out there. While we are all curious and perplexed by the subconscious, there are times when we would also rather just dwell on the mundane, ordinary stuff. In fact there are days when just being silly for its own sake suffices. This perhaps what appeals so much about photographer Romain Laurent’s series.

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It is a collection of pictures, combined into gifs that depict some rather inane animated visuals. No, there are no undertones here, subliminal messages, or undercurrents of the sublime. It is simply a photographer having some fun with his friends, and it’s about time!

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Laurent’s intention was likewise to free himself from the drone of the common, as well as the usual grind of both professional and personal projects.  What Laurent did was give himself a weekly quota to create a looped animated portrait which began on September 2013.

GIF woman with hat on her face

The silly and inane themes turned out to be an outlet where Laurent could be playfully creative without having any lofty intellectual standards to attain. “As far as the intention of the series, it’s a way for me to explore a hybrid medium, experiment and being spontaneous while still sticking to a short weekly deadline. There isn’t a common concept between each loop, I just ‘go with the flow’ and see what comes to my mind each week. ”

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Collectively called One Loop Portrait a Week, it has metamorphosed into a series of animated GIFs that are fun, entertaining, full of humor, senseless and very easy on the eyes.

GIF moving hair

Come and see the lighter sides to today’s kind of photography in One Loop Portrait a Week here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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