Collection of Reflective Photographs of Copenhagen, Denmark

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In this day and age of Photoshopped images everywhere, it is refreshing to see photographs that look like they were created in camera. Pictures such as these are reminiscent of the pre-digital era, when photographers were challenged to spot something in the organic world that would truly be remarkable once on a print. Instagram photographer Morten Nordstrom is one such talent.

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He has been sharing a collection of reflective photographs taken in his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark. In the series, otherwise common looking shots taken of streets and everyday life become instantly noteworthy as he sees the unique opportunity of mirrored images on street puddles. The 25-year-old Nordstrom draws inspiration from the small pools as they reflect the streets after a downpour, creating little cityscape images with the pavement as canvass. This theme is part of his collection, World Seen Through My Eyes, and Nordstrom has very perceptive eyes indeed.

denmark copenhagen

With his Nokia Lumia 925 for gear, Nordstrom takes wonderful, reverse images of the cityscape that at times evoke a melancholic mood. While some of the images can come off a bit as dreary and brooding, Nordstrom is quick to poke fun at himself. He lightheartedly refers to his series of Instagram photos as ‘puddlegrams,’ jestfully referring to a growing series of photos that has attracted over 18,000 followers so far. He has expanded his hometown images in the World Seen Through My Eyes collection to include Paris.

copenhagen reflection

While most people may see water puddles scattered on the ground as a nuisance to be avoided, for Nordstrom they present creative and expressive opportunities. He is always on the lookout for them, as reflected in some remarks on his Instagram account. “There hasn’t been much rain the last days but I found a puddle this morning – yay,” he wrote in one entry. In another caption he had this to say, “One more Copenhagen #puddlegram. It has been raining almost nonstop today so I’m counting on some wet shots the next couple of days as well.”

reflection copenhagen

Obviously he has his work cut out for himself, anticipating the rain and the ensuing puddles. See Nordstrom’s photos here.

reflection denmark

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