Collection of Self-Portraits with a Surreal, Conceptual Twist

surreal portrait diggie vitt

Photographer Diggie Vitt’s work stretches the limits of reality in crazy ways that range from restrained to outrageously impossible. He experiments with visual improbabilities in his emergent compilation of surreal photography. The 22-year-old artist from Jacksonville, Florida recently embarked on a 365 Project (one year) to further push himself to interpret his mind’s eye into captivating and, at times, strange images.

surreal self portrait

He gets inspiration from his fellow young photographers as he blends his version of their artistry with his own imaginative, if not eccentric efforts.

edited self-portrait

Vitt is nearly halfway through his year-long project and has already gathered a sizable collection of attention grabbing images. A few persistent concepts in his work consist of a sense of misplacement and unconventional size proportions. Vitt has a penchant for reducing himself in size or shrinking his surroundings, toying with the nature of the actual world.

self-portrait near door

Vitt recently started a Kickstarter campaign to allow him to journey across the country.  From Florida to Northern California, he hopes to find sustained inspiration for his artistic endeavors. So far, he has met his modest goal of $1,000, although extra donations are without doubt welcome to aid in his forthcoming travels.

diggie vitt playing piano

Check out the Kickstarter campaign as he also elaborates on his motivation for embarking on such a project,

“The 365 project is being accepted by photographers across the nation. It essentially challenges the photographer to take-and-post a photo every day for an entire year. No matter what conditions I’m forced to deal with, I post every single day. This project forces photographers to experiment and shoot something new and unique every day, and it hones the photographer’s editing skills and processes. So I accepted this challenge.

diggie vitt book

From day 1-145, I’ve learned different shooting and editing styles that improved on the meaning and composition of my photos.

But now, I really want to expand my skills. I want to explore the world, and I want to share my experiences with the world. Strong inspiration fuels my ability to capture powerful images, and lately, that inspiration has been missing.”

diggie vitt project 365

Based on his recent work though, it looks like Vitt has found that inspiration again.

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