Colorful Photos of Incredible Edibles Made of Fruits and Vegetables

dan cretu

For Dan Cretu, food is more than just something edible; they are his tools for creating practically anything he fancies. For instance, an orange can be a bicycle, tablets can be a disco mirror ball, donuts can take the form of an extinct cassette tape cartridge, seeds can be a soccer ball, and the list goes on and on. What Cretu does is take everyday food items such as watermelons, oranges, tomatoes and licorice and create the unexpected.

dan cretu chillis

He shapes and sculpts them into forms that are entirely different from their original character. Cretu does not limit himself to thinking within boundaries when it comes to the shapes he creates with the fruits, as he comes-up with cameras, cassette players and more bizarre items made from food.

dan cretu casette tape

Weird as it may seem, to appreciate the artwork of Cretu is also a whiff of fresh air. He is able to create from an artistic standpoint that thinks out of the proverbial box, merging food and other everyday items into interesting forms. His photographs are extremely rich in color and texture, and are imbued with an upbeat mood that can uplift spirits stuck in the doldrums.

dan cretu oranges

Definitely one of his stand-out pieces is the ‘bicycle’ made entirely out of an orange. Every single part of the bicycle is made of orange, from the wheels, to the frame, the bike seat and even the handle bars. It is pure orange. In fact it seems like this orange was always meant to be a bicycle, based on how Cretu convincingly pieced it together.

dan cretu chilli

Other pieces from his collection besides the orange bicycle include an orange camera, fruits and veggies stereo, cucumber camera, pepper gouaches, flower gun, seeds soccer ball, popcorn man drinking coke and other odd and whimsical shapes.

dan cretu food sculpture

The Romania-based Cretu makes-up all kinds of fun everyday objects, and you can go over to his website to see the entire collection and even purchase prints of his work.

dan cretu cucumber

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