Colorful Photos of the Aguitagueda Art Festival in Portugal

colorful umbrella canopy

Many of you perhaps remember the beautiful canopy of floating umbrellas that engulfed the streets in Agueda, Portugal last year. Realizing that it was a big hit, and how much everybody loved the idea, Sextafeira Produções reprised the same set-up once again this year. Also, just like in 2012, photographer Patricia Almeida were not to be beaten to the draw, being one of the first to capture and share this beautiful idea with the rest of the world via Flickr.

summer umbrellas | iPhone

In selected areas of Águeda, Portugal, one would once more find the streets covered with hundreds of colorful and vibrant umbrellas. The installation, which is known as the Umbrella Sky Project, covered many of the shopping streets in the municipality of Agueda and was part of the local Agitagueda Art Festival. The multi-colored umbrellas, transformed the shopping experience or a leisurely afternoon walk into a Mary-Poppins inspired atmosphere.

umbrella installation

If you want to know more about the Umbrella Sky Project, there are dozens of photos to view through the Sextafeira Facebook page, as well as on the photographers’ Flickr accounts. Just like last year, this unusual installation was up the entire July. Thanks to the eagerness of people like Almeida and Nascimento, people around the world were given a chance to take a virtual walk in this most unique and vibrant of streets in Agueda, Portugal.

umbrellas & sun

“I felt like a kid, amazed by all that color!” said Almeida on how it felt to bask under the myriad of umbrellas. The best part about the ingenious display, besides looking delightful, is that the installation had a functional role in the festival protecting the pedestrians from both rain and sun.

umbrella installation

Hung over promenades, the umbrellas gave people on foot a glorious shade and something thoroughly amusing to look at. Credit people like Almeida and Nascimento for sharing photos of this unique set-up, or else most of us would never have heard of or seen the marvelous spectacle.

colorful sky | iPhone

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