Compellingly Stunning Photographs that Express Fascinating Stories

christine muraton

Photographer Christine Muraton has an amazing talent for capturing compellingly stunning photographs that express fascinating stories. Born in 1988 in France, Muraton is a true global citizen, living and working all over the world as a traveling lens woman. After consummating her studies in French literature, she has been a true globe trekker.

christine muraton surreal

Knowing that the approach, style, and interpretation of the artist is vital and supersedes the subject or story; and being influenced by classical studies, literature, psychology as well as philosophy, Muraton shoots conceptually vague but exceedingly impressive portraits.

surreal christine muraton

The subjects are obscured as their faces are not at all shown, the figures being hidden and blurred or have their backs turned to the camera to cover up identities, never fully showing who they are. The subjects mix themselves into surreal landscapes, coaxing and intriguing the curious on who they are and what they doing in such far-fetched scenarios.

christine muraton portrait

In spite of the ambiguity of most of Muraton’s  work, there is an inimitable idea behind each photograph she creates. For instance, a visual of three women running down a field becomes a symbol of the Furies, while a photo showing a woman sprawled on a bridge, as she pours her body onto a river like an hourglass emptying itself, makes one ponder the nature of matter  itself. Muraton’s photos are no doubt thought provoking and have a way of telling stories that will intrigue the viewer. Her style is a consistently haunting beauty in every shot, making for a truly extraordinary collection of work.

portrait  christine muraton

Muraton claims that for her, photography is “a reflection on reality, a visual and thus more suggestive way to interrogate the nature of things.” She wants to provoke viewers to speculate more about every image, while at the same time searching into deeper concepts about life and existence.

christine muraton photo series conceptual

christine muraton photo series

photo series christine muraton

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