Conceptual Portrait Photographer Shoots Rapunzel-Themed Series Amidst Fantastic Medieval Structure


Laura Killian is a conceptual portrait photographer, and she is always open to new ideas that she can create through her images. With the Halloween season once again here, she saw it fit to depict one of the most beloved damsels that has captivated generations of fairy tale readers.

rapunzel photo series

Created in a castle in Switzerland while visiting this month, Killian shot a Rapunzel-themed series amidst the fantastic medieval structure. Killian also was the creative director and stylist for the photoshoot, putting together some curtain panels and twine as she improvised the wardrobe for her model.

rapunzel photo series


Killian happened to be staying in a very small and quaint town, and she was unable to find a stylist and make-up artist, prompting her to think on her feet quick. The results we must say are quite impressive, pulling off a rather convincing Rapunzel in her collection.

photo series rapunzel

Rapunzel is a German fairy tale in the collection put-together by the Brothers Grimm. It was initially published in 1812 as part of Children’s and Household Tales. The story is an adaptation of the fairy tale Persinette written by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force from 1698.The plot has been used and lampooned in a variety of instances and its most famous line, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,” is an idiom often used in popular culture.

rapunzel model


As the story goes, upon hearing these words, Rapunzel would wrap her very long hair on a hook beside her window. Her lovely locks would drop down to a waiting Dame Gothel, who would then climb the hair like a rope, gaining access to Rapunzel’s tower room. It is a timeless tale that has been enjoyed by many generations, and here we have Killian’s attempt to bring Rapunzel to life through her impressive pictorial.

rapunzel photo series laura killian


The stunning model with very real looking long hair that extends to her thighs can be seen in ravishing, flowing gowns of tangerine, crimson, flaming orange or just plain white.  Set against the, majestic castle of Schloss Leuk, it is a very convincing effort at bringing Rapunzel out of the pages of an old tale.

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