Conceptual Project 365 Series Laced with a Sense of Humor

logan zillmer

Here is a selection of yet more surreal themed photographs, this time from American Logan Zillmer, a young conceptual photographer. The Michigan native’s creations are both surprising and intriguing; however they are always laced with a sense of humor. Logan Zillman is himself also on a “365 photo project” sharing a new picture every day of his conceptual work.

portrait logan zillmer

Conceptual photography is a kind of photography that illustrates a thought. Illustrative photographs have been made since the medium’s inception, for instance in the earliest staged photographs, as in Hippolyte Bayard’s ‘Self Portrait as a Drowned Man’ taken in 1840.

logan zillmer portrait

The term Conceptual Photography is derived from the Conceptual Art movement of the late 1960s. These days the term is used to depict either a methodology or a genre. Extreme surrealist Logan Zillmer’s photographs are designed to inspire and arouse the viewer’s thoughts. Zillmer gets the foundations of his inspiration from artists who are closely linked with surrealism like Rene Magritte. Zillmer uses landscapes and nature as his main themes, but adds bizarre, dreamlike elements to mount his surrealistic effects.

logan zillmer waterscape

Looking beyond the ‘365 photo project,’ Zillmer already has other ideas.

“I am currently in the planning stages for a solo exhibition here in my home city. It should be around March or April. The purpose of which is to celebrate the completion of the project, but more importantly to try to put some money together for the next project that I want to do. The new project would be a series of images based on one of my favorite novellas. I will share more details the closer I get to the project, but I am really excited about the prospect and it should be an awesome series. I may also be starting something like a kickstarter to try and raise funds for it. I am going to need a budget to make this project happen.”

project 365 logan zillmer

At the rate Zillmer is attracting attention he should not be lacking in any support should he mount that kickstarter effort. See his bizarre, unreal body of work here, as he also makes a mark in the growing army of surrealists in photography.

logan zillmer project 365

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