Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography with an Unusual Twist

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The self-portraits of photographer Alicia Savage are ethereal, bizarre and captivating all at once. It is also unusual how she conspicuously leaves out any photograph that reveals her face, in a series that is purportedly classified as ‘self-portraits.’

The Boston-based photographer takes these intriguing and dreamlike self-portraits at all sorts of locations. Her technique with the images of herself seemingly suspended in mid-air however, remains unknown. The pictures obviously involve a good amount of technical skill, but it is really the conceptual vision that drives each photograph.

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woman sitting on bed in shadows

Savage took up photography in 2009, and since then, she and her camera have been inseprarable. She brings it with her everywhere she goes, ready to take another self-portrait at the drop of a hat. She is particular about finding unique environments where she can take images of herself. “While traveling my goal is to always create Art while on the go from my surroundings – no matter where I may be,” she says.

woman sitting on bed

woman getting out of bed

Savage’s collection of work called Imagined showcases a more produced kind of self portraiture, with obviously more production value put into each image. The Morning Light series on the other hand could be called more candid, especially if compared to Imagined, showing Savage in the privacy of hotel rooms during her many trips. Morning Light shows her in that pensive mood upon rising, where you snap out of your sleeping state and reconnect with your surroundings.

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woman with head covered by cloud

Savage is a self-portrait photographer. Her compilation of work is “very much a documentation of her life and mind as a 29-year-old woman exploring life; inspired by her surroundings and recent travels,” as stated on her website.

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black and white portrait of woman

“Photography has opened my mind and heart to understand myself and the world beyond what is assumed; to always be inspired by my curiosity and imagination of what is and could be,” says Savage. For all the disappointed male fans that felt the lady left out what should be in every portrait, visit this link to see Miss Savage in a brief self-portrait tutorial or simply view the video below. Some say she is a dead ringer for Jennifer Garner.

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