Contemplative Moments Communicated Through Dreamy Portraiture

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The number of emerging talent from the ranks of the young guns is certainly making themselves felt in the world of creative photography. 21-year-old Wyatt McCollum is one of those exceptional talents, proving again that age is not a factor when it comes to creating photographs that carry deep and profound imagery.

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McCollum took up photography after finishing senior high school, but is capable of producing stupendously incredible shots.  The pictures involve solitary figures, many times self-portraits in very unreal situations.  They are much like subliminal thoughts brought to life in graphic and extremely vivid detail.

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Many of his solitary characters are semi-nude or totally nude, alluding to defenselessness akin to the delicate nature of infancy. The images can either be taken to reflect thoughts on isolation or musings about the subliminal that are suppressed by our stronger consciousness.  The growing portfolio focuses on surreal moments interjected with hints of reality.

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McCollum shoots portraits and self-portraits that bring to mind a myriad of emotions. They communicate beautiful, thought provoking visuals in extraordinary ways. McCollum time and again composes photographs that give us a sense of eavesdropping on unsuspecting characters. They are caught audaciously indulging themselves in ideas of lonely solitude or in weird escapist daydream scenarios.

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McCollum’s accompanying text for each of his photographs reveals a much more innocent person behind the creative process. You can sense a naïve quality that is often the source of genuine originality.  He is devoid of any affectation or contrived posturing.

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McColum achieves delving into the strange and bizarre, but never becomes pretentious while doing so. His little stories convey his  personal views and accounts of each photo, but one can easily become drawn by these thought inducing shots,  and quickly get lost, waddling in one’s own version of the subliminal and surreal.

Wyatt is a portrait photographer from Montana, and is at this time in the midst of a 365 project, snapping at least a photo a day for one year.

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See McCollum’s collection of dreamlike portraits here.

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