Cool Grandmas Rocking Their Band Tees

grandma wearing acdc

Photographer Jay Hynes recently shot some rather amusing pictures of elderly women dressed in some very unlikely clothing tops. What he had his lady models wear were some serious heavy metal t-shirts. Melbourne-based Hynes took the photographs of the “mature” gray haired ladies who all convincingly pulled off wearing the black printed, heavy metal t-shirts like honest to goodness rockers.

grandma wearing band tshirt

Putting aside preconceived notions that heavy metal is only reserved for the younger set, these cool grannies showed their unabashed support for bands like AC DC, Metallica, and Gene Simmon’s KISS.  The rocking ladies wore the rock ‘n’ roll shirts, along with the right ‘attitude’ in a series very simply, but aptly called, Grandmas Rock. It is sure is a refreshing collection to see, instead of the predictable images of retirees always portrayed in sedentary situations, put out to pasture.

grandma wearing cool tee

There is something both humorous and reassuring about these pictures, seeing a series of images with unnamed elderly women, engaged in some relaxing activity like sipping a cup of tea, sewing–up a dress or just chatting on the phone. They are all going about their daily routines, but the unusual choice of  t-shirts injects a totally new perspective on how we can look at our elderly next time.

grandma wearing concert tee

The eight photograph series asks us to take a second look at many of our assumptions about our elders and their capacity to like things other than anything remotely sedate. Don’t forget, each one of these ladies was once young, too. Better still, if we are so lucky, hopefully we will get to be just as cool should we be fortunate enough to ripen into the same maturity. Perhaps a good alternative to the title of this series called Grandmas Rock could also be Been There, Done That.

grandma wearing kyss

Hynes had a few words regarding the project,

“The series was a way to combine my three photographic passions — portraits, music and concepts.”

See how his three interests combined, in Grandmas Rock over at his website.

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Patricia Ramos

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