Cosplayers Posing In-Costume Inside Their Homes

just the two of us photo series

Klaus Pichler’s photo series called Just the Two of Us shows fellow Austrians garbed in elaborate costumes, hiding who they are, but whose identities are revealed nonetheless by posing in their homes. Pichler has been working on Just the Two of Us which is a work in progress, and not surprisingly it’s been occasionally challenging to find people who will let him photograph them in their homes.


Pichler sends out dozens of emails, spends hours on the phone and even attends conventions just to get invited into people’s residences. Pichler, 36, who lives in Vienna says, “It’s definitely a kind of sociological approach….The ratio really sucked. It was like one to nine people who were open to it. I’ve gotten a lot of refusals.”

Once Pichler literally gets a foot in the door, he discovers that getting all dressed up in full costume is not confined to a particular type of person.  From total nerds, to regular folks, quite a number of individuals seem to get into some kind of fun attire for kicks.

sitting in room just the two of us

“In the beginning I thought I would get to know a lot of nerds, but I discovered that most of these people have settled lives. They have families and they are integrated into social life,” he observed. Costumes, Pichler says, give people the excuse for a “temporary withdrawal from civil life.”

sitting in costume just the two of us

“The design and style of a private living environment is a very personal decision and same goes for the decision to take on the identity of a certain costume,” said Pichler. He went for a laidback and serene mood in all of the photos because he felt that approach was a stark contrast to the effect created by the outlandish costumes.

person in costume just the two of us

He liked the clashing dynamic of the make-believe get-ups, out of sync with the mundane house interiors such as living rooms or kitchens. Pichler is currently looking into compiling everything into a book which he hopes to publish sometime next year.

cosplayer just the two of us

See his thought provoking Just the Two of Us here.

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