Couple Builds a Tiny House and Travels Across the Country in It

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Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard are undertaking what many people only dream of doing. They are making a reality of traveling across America and Canada in a little home they are pulling with a pick-up truck. Imbued with a true sense of adventure, the couple is currently driving across the U.S. in a home that is a mere 125 square feet.

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The home built of wood is attached to a trailer, and measures a tiny 20 feet long, seven feet wide, and has ceilings that measures about 10 feet high. But it’s all Guillaume and Jenna need for their epic trip.

Things began two years ago when the couple were living in Los Angeles, where Guillaume was working as an engineer while Jenna was an executive assistant for a movie studio. Guillaume however had a love for photography that was an unindulged passion, and Jenna wanted to become a writer. These twin desires combined pushed the couple to quit their jobs, construct the tiny house and travel the country.

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They are living a life of travel journalism while embarking on an adventure unlike any other. Guillaume recalled how it all started “We stumbled upon the tiny-house movement, and I said, ‘This could be cool’. We’ve never built anything or gone on a journey like this, and it’s a good challenge, and we can make it our own.”

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Building the small structure took almost a year to finish, setting them back about $29,328. The mobile home is fully equipped with every creature comfort the couple anticipated they would need for the journey. The tiny abode features a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, a propane fridge, a washing machine, hardwood floors, and a propane cooktop stove.

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As for the road trip itself, the couple started their journey on Sept. 2, 2014, in Shelbyville, Illinois. Since that time they have been through numerous states and countless cities. They have been chronicling their journey on the blog Tiny House Giant Journey. A documentary is also in their list of plans to produce once the trip is consummated.

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Guillaume and Jenna started this adventure with a motto that encapsulates their insatiable spirit for adventure: Making North America our backyard. It is perhaps safe to say that they have accomplished that goal already, even though the trip is still in progress.

tiny house giant journey in the city

See what is truly a journey of a lifetime here.

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