Couple Poses Under the Bright Blue Formations of the Mendenhall Glacier Ice Cave

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To what extreme would you take a wedding photo? Well as of late we have seen a couple pose in front of a wildfire, and even another bride and groom with a twister behind them as backdrop. If you think you have seen all there is, then you are in for a big surprise with Torsten and Sarah Ernst. The couple met in Juneau, Alaska, in 2008, and decided to have their wedding photographs taken inside one of the state’s most spectacular ice caves.

In emotively gorgeous images shot by photographer Chris Beck, the couple posed under the behemoth bright blue formations of the Mendenhall Glacier ice cave.

The couple looked absolutely resplendent in the magnificent location. Mendenhall Glacier ice cave is a 12-mile-long, 150-foot deep frozen vastness and is quite an unlikely place to select for official nuptial images, however the results are just breathtaking. But this was no easy undertaking.

The look of blissful happiness on the faces of both Sarah and Torsten do not give-away the fact that they had to hike for three hours and then kayak to the face of the glacier, and still climb in a trek that took approximately six hours to complete. Beck takes credit for talking the couple into the idea.

chris beck glacier

“I talked to the couple about the idea of taking photos in the cave early on,” said Beck. “I wanted to get them a photo of something symbolic of their relationship and where they met. Torsten, as an avid climber, spent lots of time at the glacier which is in Juneau’s backyard.”

Convinced of the idea, they all proceeded to make the arduous journey to the ice cave.  The nature of the trip necessitated that they bring their wedding outfits and change into them once in the cave. Beck mused further, “Now that the photos have been produced I can’t be more happy than to think of this amazing photo sitting on the mantle of Sarah and Torsten’s new home in Guam and making them smile.” Now what’s the next surprise someone is going to pull as far as wedding photos go?

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