Couple Shoot Amazing Landscapes Carrying Their Child on Their Backs

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Landscape photography is no doubt a beautiful undertaking, but it can also be a difficult activity, given the need to bring along all the necessary photography gear. Australian photographers Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim are not unaware of the difficulties of this work, shooting amazing landscapes. These parents in fact raise the bar a notch by bringing their adorable kid with them. The duo work together in what they call Everlook Photography. They carry their child on their backs, using many different but clever parenting strategies to make certain that their kid does not mind the excursions while they are able to shoot exceptionally good images.

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Dylan was born in Penang, Malaysia, but transferred to Australia as a young boy. There Dylan grew up learning to love the outdoors and enjoying the activities it had to offer, which is apparent in his photographs. Dylan is always ready for daunting physical activity, and has scaled Munros, crossed icy streams, and walked to places that are very remote in order to shoot inimitable imagery.

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Dylan’s vast, sweeping panoramas capture the splendor of the natural landscapes and instill in viewers a sense of wonder and awe that such exquisiteness exists in the world. His trademark lighting in his pictures comes mostly from the colors of sunset.

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Originally from Malaysia, Marianne also moved to Australia as a young girl and has always loved the creative process. Be it with pastels or scrapbook paper, she is predisposed to colorful imagery and has participated in art exhibitions every now and then.

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Marianne got hooked on photography mainly to take better reference images for her artwork. The photography however, has developed into a life of its own. In their shared website they convey their common enthusiasm and fervor for the outdoor life.

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“That these places are an inspiration to us is an understatement and it is our wish to share it with you and others, until the time comes when nothing remains but these images to spark a faint memory – a legend – of magic and beauty unsurpassed on Earth.”

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To be sure, their little child is undergoing its early indoctrination into the endless beauty of the outdoors. Visit their website here.

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