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There is a growing trend of juxtaposing dancers against urban landscapes, such as the series shot by Omar Z. Robles of ballet dancers all over New York City. Claudine and Honza Lafond add their version to this trend as they combine their twin passions:  travelling and yoga. It is an ongoing series of elegant photos that they post on Instagram. The two, who also happen to be instructors of yoga, go to gorgeous locales and monuments around the world, celebrating their trips with magnificent yoga poses.

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The couple’s popular account not only showcases their yoga prowess, but also features scenic backgrounds such as Venice, Bali, and Berlin. Claudine and Honza do not pose individually in their images but rather as a pair and strike remarkable acrobatic stances that entail balance, strength, and trust for one another. They also demonstrate how incredible the human body is.

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The couple met in 2007 in New York and are now instructors at their Sydney-based studio named YogaBeyond. They also work during their many trips, holding AcroVinyasa workshops wherever they travel, influencing others to aspire for their peaceful and calm outlook towards life.

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Claudine is an empathetic and inspirational yoga teacher originally from New York. Even as a young girl, she has been lured to self-expression and movement. Beginning with gymnastics, ballet, then baseball as well as jujitsu, these eventually led to dance and theatre performance. She has relished movement, breathing and an active lifestyle for as long as she can recall.  She also advocates that humor is a vital element in yoga and that laughter is the best way to develop a strong, powerful core.

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Honza Lafond is a spiritual truth seeker as well as an adventurer. He has long searched to answer some of the more profound existential questions of the human condition. Over the last decade and a half, his life has brought him from modest beginnings in the Czech Republic where he grew up, all the way across the globe, Down Under, which he now calls home.

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Honza has also converted his creative interests into entrepreneurial pursuits like motivational education, the evolution of yoga within the global community, art of social media, inspirational photography and other endeavors. See the pair’s yoga poses across the globe here.

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