Couple’s Themed Engagement Shoot Turned Horror Comic Strip

zombie comic the end

Breaking or clashing with rituals seems to be quite the norm these days, with people trying out new and original ways to do something traditional. Engagement photo shoots are certainly no exception, with more and more variations of the event being conjured by adventurous young couples. One such deviation from the usual is this horror-themed, comic book inspired, sequence done for a young Hungarian couple, Alexandra and Chris.

Photographer Laszlo Bodnar said to The Huffington Post that the couple is a huge fan of suspenseful stories and horror movies, thus wanting such a theme for the shoot. Bodnar took the idea a bar higher by arranging the photos in a comic strip layout. The result is a far-fetched little tale that starts out innocently romantic in the beginning, segues to a dramatic body and concludes with a triumphant end. Definitely a classic horror comic book theme.

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It starts with the couple all syrupy sweet with each other, until they encounter a saw-wielding masked man unexpectedly. Then the terror and horror begins just like a stereotype comic book thriller as the couple runs for dear life. A brief foot chase then takes place as the masked freaky character chases after the young couple. After running through a maze of ruins trying to escape the menacing evil doer, Chris decides to confront the freak. Armed with a wooden beam, Chris conceals himself behind a concrete wall, and surprises the masked man, taking a good whack at him. That spells his demise, and he is pushed off the ruins to fall several stories. Chris’ heroics save the day and he is finally safe with his beloved Alexandra.

It’s absolutely different from the majority of engagement photo shoots where couples just gaze dreamily into each other’s eyes the entire time.

See the amusing themed engagement images of Alexandra and Chris here.

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